The implementation
of your digital ideas

Through digitalization of processes, products and services, we develop innovative value chains and applications for your business.

Using technology
for a better world

A special focus of our work is on the ecologically and socially sustainable use of new technologies in rural areas and structurally weak regions

Infrastructure projects

Development of networks based on fiber optics, LTE, 5G, microwave. Construction and operation of data centers, servers & virtualization, edge computing and cloud infrastructures.

Internet Providing

Fast Internet, also for rural regions. 

Open Access

True Open Access networks and platforms are the future of the Internet. We provide technology & know-how for the housing industry, municipalities, network infrastructure operators and Internet providers.


Use our experience to tap capital from private and public funds for your innovative company.

Software development

Development software and platforms for science, trade, service and production.


Planning and implementation

From digitization projects to financing, we support you with the knowledge gained from over 40 years of entrepreneurship in the IT sector.

Vitrum IT HUB

An exclusive network of experts to help you participate in the global technological progress.

Good planets
are hard to find

So why not protect ours?

We believe that our technological developments must first and foremost help to protect the planet's biosystems and thus guarantee our ability to survive from the earth. We believe in sustainable change through technology. Join us on our mission to make the earth a better place.



See how we add value for our customers: from digital business planning to digitization and technological innovation.
Want to learn more?

DigitalHub for Lüneburg

The development of a funding proposal for the establishment and operation of a DigitalHub. The Hub is designed as an interface between universities, public authorities and the private sector and includes an e-learning platform for teaching and transferring knowledge about cloud computing. An open source-based cloud lab was designed for the development of new types of cloud applications.

5G for smarter agriculture

Development of a federally funded project of the city of Uelzen (Lower Saxony), in cooperation with Ostfalia University. The aim of the project is to set up a 5G campus network on a local experimental farm. This involves sending data from numerous soil moisture sensors as well as multispectral drones with cameras to a central server for AI-based processing. This made it possible to create a real-time map of soil and plant moisture that can be used for demand-controlled and differentiated irrigation.

Digital insurance broker

Development of a private client division for a traditional industrial insurance broker in Hamburg, with a focus on special insurance policies for novel risks and niche markets. Development of an end-to-end digital sales process that enables the fully automated generation of customers, offers and policies directly in the insurer's database. Studies and tests of demand-driven online marketing tools, such as customer-oriented landing pages.

5G for rescue operations

Project development for the city of Uelzen as part of a federal funding competition for the development of novel applications for 5G campus networks. In this project, ambulances were equipped with high-resolution 3D cameras and monitors, the data from which is transmitted via 5G to stationary emergency doctors and specialists. Under their guidance, emergency paramedics with additional first aid skills are enabled to provide optimised first aid. In addition, rescue routes can be improved based on the remote diagnoses.

CMS and Webshop for ISP

Project development and implementation of a complete rebranding, as well as optimisation of frontend & backend processes for a local fibre-optic internet provider in Lower Saxony. The project includes, among other things, the first systematic recording of customer segments, the optimisation & digitalisation of communication and support processes, the development and software integration of an e-commerce system for hardware and software, the redesign of the website using a CMS, as well as the introduction of an agile working methodology & tools.

E-learning for a local college

The project involves the development and configuration of a secure and powerful server environment and the setup and operation of the open source learning platform Moodle. This was combined with the managed hosting of digital learning content for a university in Lower Saxony.

About Vitrum

Vitrum is a hub consisting of multidisciplinary experts from industry, academia and science with the common goal of replacing old habits and structures with more sustainable and efficient ones, in favor of a better life, a healthier planet and a more sustainable future for us all.



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