ZDIN - Digitization in the Heart of Lower Saxony

Vitrum consistently focuses on digitalization, technology and innovation. That's why we're excited to share with you our freshly formed partnership with the Center for Digital Innovation Lower Saxony (ZDIN).

This alliance not only underscores our roots in Lower Saxony, but also demonstrates our shared commitment to digital economic leadership in Germany.

The project set up by Lower Saxony's ZDIN serves as a unified platform to link science, business and society. The goal? To intensify knowledge transfer and share best practices. The ZDIN not only offers support for digital transformation, but also actively helps shape it.

The ZDIN is a core element of Lower Saxony's digitization offensive and finds its home at the renowned OFFIS Institute for Computer Science. It receives financial backing from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MKW), which recognized the growing importance of this segment early on.

What makes the ZDIN so special?
The answer lies in the "future labs". These serve as topic-oriented platforms that offer members not only space but also the necessary resources for collaborative work. The focus is on the exchange of knowledge between the various players. They also provide valuable technological advice to policymakers, industry and associations.

The ZDIN presents itself as a think tank, with more than 70 researchers from educational institutions in Lower Saxony and more than 90 practice partners. Workshops and research projects are organized and implemented here together. An approach that convinced us at Vitrum and makes us proud to now be a part of this network.

And how does Vitrum fit into the picture?
The ZDIN currently operates seven laboratories covering various topics in Lower Saxony. Vitrum is particularly involved in the area of water through our participation in the 5G innovation program. A program that focuses on optimizing artificial irrigation to support the regional economy.

We look forward to the cooperation between ZDIN and Vitrum and are looking forward to exciting joint projects that create value!

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